Annual Law Journal of Delhi Metropolitan Education

Published by: Delhi Metropolitan Education, Noida Affiliated to GGSIPU, New Delhi

Publication Policy

Publication Policy

We, at DME, aspire to select research paper, through high quality peer review. To achieve this, the entire peer review and publication process must be thorough, objective, and fair. Almost every aspect of this process involves important ethical principles and decisions, which are seldom stated explicitly and even less often shared with the readership. Journal’s reputations depend on the trust of readers, authors, researchers, reviewers, editors and research subject. This trust is enhanced by describing as explicitly as possible the journal’s policies to ensure the ethical treatment of all participants in the publication process. We have following Publications Guidelines.


Good research should be well justified, well planned, and appropriately designed, so that it can properly address the research question. Paper should be published based on the copyright that constitutes authorship. All authors are responsible for the quality, accuracy, and ethics of the work.


Plagiarism is the use of other’s published and unpublished ideas or words (or other intellectual property) without attribution or permission, and presenting them as new and original rather than derived from an existing source. At DME, we strongly discourage and against this ruthless act. If the authors are found guilty, to any extent, DME will fight against Plagiarism. Self-plagiarism refers to the practice of an author using portions of their previous writings on the same topic in another of their publications, without specifically citing it formally in quotes.

Possible Misconduct

  • Falsification of data.
  • Improprieties of authorship.
  • Misappropriation of the ideas of others.
  • Violation of generally accepted research practices.
  • Material failure to comply with legislative and regulatory requirements affecting research.
  • Inappropriate behavior in relation to misconduct.
  • Violation of UGC guidelines.

Any such possible misconduct in relation to DME Journals shall not be accepted.

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