Annual Law Journal of Delhi Metropolitan Education

Published by: Delhi Metropolitan Education, Noida Affiliated to GGSIPU, New Delhi

About DME Research Cell

About DME Research Cell

DME places a strong emphasis on research and it, thus, has its own Research Cell which endeavours to inculcate the critical thinking skills not just in the students but faculty members. The Cell has nine centres across three schools of law, media and management, these include.

Two Research Centres under DME Management School:

  1. Centre for Management Research (CMR)
  2. Centre for Excellence in Sustainable Development (CSD)

One Research Centre under DME Media School:

  1. Centre for Research and Innovation in Media (RIM)

Six Research Centres under DME Law School

  1. Centre for Enviro-Legal Studies (CELS)
  2. Centre for Criminal Law and Justice (CCLJ)
  3. Centre for Constitutional Law & Human Rights (CCHR)
  4. Centre for Law on Gender and Sexuality (CLGS)
  5. Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR)
  6. Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR)

Research Cell also has an active student body.